Saturday, July 22, 2006
A Roadmap of Ideas to Improve WAIF
During the 2005 Annual Membership meeting, I ran for the Board of trustees on a platform of change and with ways and ideas of improving the station I have grown to love, respect, and appreciate. Several members on the Board was threatened not only by my level of confidence in changing and improving the station, but the broad support I developed as a result of being opened minded. Listed below are some of the most vital areas WAIF must work on to improve itself. I offer these ideas once again as a way to improve the station and to continue open conversation about reforming WAIF.

"We Can & Must Do Better!"

Improve our member/station communications. Involving more members in Board and committee meetings, fundraisers and special events. Utilizing the online forums to keep our members informed!

  • Upgrade studio equipment and technology from analog interface to an all-digital interface.

  • Form a business committee for the purposes of overseeing underwriting, fundraising, special events, public relations.

  • Technology Campaign Fundraiser: To improve the amount of computerized and technically advanced equipment that will improve the quality of programs.

  • Gain back the respect and force we once held in the community as the leading independent media organization with a focus in serving our audience instead of personal interest!

  • Why WAIF MUST Do Better?
  • Current national legislation (U.S. Senate Bills 1349 and House Bill 1549) threatens public access centers around the nation, including public television. This is a threat to all forms of independent media organizations.

  • WAIF is one of very few community operated radio stations in the country.

  • WVXU was recently purchased by WGUC and local independent programs are no longer part of the station. This is a threat to independent media organizations!

  • Independent Media is slowing but surely fading away. (Source: Alliance for Community Media).

  • Listeners and members alike, depend on our station to bring them information not reported by corporate media. We need and must be a leader in this area.

  • 21st Century Technology is inevitable! With the FCC recently ruling that the telecommunications industry, including television makers, etc., must move into an ALL digital broadcast format, WAIF must be prepared for these changes.

  • Make our website an information navigator where programmers, members, and listeners may have access to station news and important information.

  • Nothing is impossible here at WAIF! We have been through many things. Have seen many people come and go, but we still stand!
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