Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Open Letter to Michael Wood
Dear Mr. Wood:

You have been working along side Donald Shabazz for some time now. Did you know that, according to Donald's religion (I understand Shabazz follows The Nation of Islam), you are part pig? That's right, it is my understanding that The Nation of Islam believes white people were genetically engineered from pigs by a mad scientist named Mr. Yakub.

To be fair, in recent times, some have taken the story of this ancient mad scientist as allegory. Why not ask Shabazz about Mr. Yakub. See what he says?

And do you know about the Motherwheel? If Shabazz is in line with The Nation, then he believes Elijah Muhammed is flying around Earth in a giant UFO with three big bombs on it. These bombs will one day kill all the white folks, then the UFO will take black people back to the moon.

Seriously. Check into it. Let me know what you find out!

The Dean
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