Thursday, June 29, 2006
WAIF Alert: June 2006
Today, in the mail, I received the WAIF Alert June 2006 newsletter.

The front page included the minutes from the membership meeting in September, 2005.

On page two, there is an announcement by John Newell that seems promising (and it relates to one of the very first posts -- and subsequent comments -- left here at

To protect the integrity of the WAIF members' votes, the WAIF procedure for electing individuals to the BOARD OF TRUSTEES will be:

At the door the Secretary of WAIF and volunteer's will have the Official Book with all member names listed. When members arrive at the meeting, they should show a LEGAL Pictured Identification, Membership card AND sign next to their name, and receive one ballot. This would allow a higher level of accountability surrounding the elections to The Board, and it would make sure non-members did not vot, and that members did not vote more than once.

John Newell, B.O.T. Member & Secretary

Actually, I had first raised this question in a February open letter to members of the WAIF board.

I am happy to see that one suggestion from Reform WAIF has been adopted.

But there is more to do. Donald Shabazz still needs to be removed from the BOT, and structures should be put in place so that the new BOT does not engage in the same type of retributive behavior that has characterized the current Board.

The WAIF newsletter ends with a crazy letter from Donald. He is still fixated on how his spy cameras are a good idea.

And he also wants everyone to know that he can be reached via email at with any questions or comments.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Open Letter to Michael Wood
Dear Mr. Wood:

You have been working along side Donald Shabazz for some time now. Did you know that, according to Donald's religion (I understand Shabazz follows The Nation of Islam), you are part pig? That's right, it is my understanding that The Nation of Islam believes white people were genetically engineered from pigs by a mad scientist named Mr. Yakub.

To be fair, in recent times, some have taken the story of this ancient mad scientist as allegory. Why not ask Shabazz about Mr. Yakub. See what he says?

And do you know about the Motherwheel? If Shabazz is in line with The Nation, then he believes Elijah Muhammed is flying around Earth in a giant UFO with three big bombs on it. These bombs will one day kill all the white folks, then the UFO will take black people back to the moon.

Seriously. Check into it. Let me know what you find out!

The Dean

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Two Simple Questions...
How does the structure of WAIF compare to other community radio stations? What about other community media, like Media Bridges?

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Friday, June 09, 2006
Donald Shabazz: Losing Control?
Once again, Donald Shabazz got on WAIF radio this evening in what seems to be another bout of losing control. Should the chairman of the WAIF board be someone who so easily loses his cool?

Here's the long and short of it: Donald takes some credible concerns, and mixes them totally up in his own fantasies. What results are nearly incomprehensible rants. For example, when he goes on about a right-winged racist with a Master's Degree, a kid who barely finished high school, and a little man who keeps trying to make something of himself -- is he talking about The Dean, Derrick Blassingame, and Nate Livingston?

Do the three of us collectively REALLY seem like part of a right winged racist conspiracy? The notion does not even make sense!

Are there white folks on the WAIF inside who want to run out the black control of the board?

I think so. And that troubles me. Corrupt white folks snaking their way into the place will not be any better than Shabazz and Co.

I think the whole station needs to get beamed up!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
WAIF Board Persecutions Continues
The WAIF Board of Trustees continues to persecute its members. This time involves two former WAIF programmers, volunteers, and long time supporters Lynne "The Happy Hemptress" Wilson, and Bill Polak.

The details of their administrative hearing are unknown at this time, but I find this so interesting especially considering the growing dissent amongst WAIF programmers and members regarding the mismanagement and corruption of the Board of Trustees. The fact the Board continues to hang themselves by throwing people out the station, revoking their memberships, and cancelling programs only serves to stroke their egos and not serve the interest of the general public. More to come.

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