Friday, May 19, 2006
Right Winged Conservative Bloggers...
I was just in my car, listening to The Final Call News Hour with Donald Shabazz. He was going on a rant about these "right-winged conservative bloggers" who were trying to destroy WAIF. He also said these right-winged bloggers were racists.

Am I a right winged conservative blogger?

Is Derrick Blassingame racist?

This really isn't making much sense.

The whole time Donald went on his rant, I really wanted to ask him about The Mother Wheel.

But in all seriousness, I invite you to study some of the other posts on this site. Do these ideas sound like those of right-winged racists trying to destroy WAIF?

I continue to maintain that the threat of an FCC investigation is the real danger to WAIF. Therefore, I continue to call on Donald Shabazz to step down from the BOT. Perhaps then, when and if the FCC comes to town, they will suspend a harsh penalty against the station.
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