Sunday, May 07, 2006
Reform WAIF's Voting Procedures!
To protect the integrity of the WAIF members' votes, the WAIF procedure for electing individuals to The Board MUST be revised.

Any member is eligible to vote at the annual membership meeting, provided that the membership was purchased at least thirty days prior to the election.

However, WAIF is infamous for taking a long time to mail documentation. For example, it took several months for me to acquire my WAIF membership after paying my dues. Therefore, anyone becoming a member should acquire some sort of RECEIPT to verify one's membership standing.

Now, for the vote itself...

Typically, there is no oversight or sensible regulations surrounding the WAIF vote. It is very possible for the ballot box to get stuffed, etc. At last year's meeting, Michael Woods was just walking around asking people if they were members, and handing them ballots if they said yes. But who is to verify Woods gave only one ballot per member? And how do we know he didn't give ballots to people who are NOT members? (I do not mean to imply that Wood did any of these things -- but if there is a possibility of this happening -- either purposively or by mistake -- how can the WAIF voting procedure be trusted?)

These concerns can be easily alleviated, through following the example of political elections.

At the door, a WAIF volunteer should have a book with all members' names listed. When members arrive to the meeting, they should show identification, sign next to their name, and receive one ballot.

This would allow a higher level of accountability surrounding elections to The Board, and it would make sure non-members did not vote, and that members did not vote more than once.
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  • At 1:25 AM, Blogger Rainmaker said…

    In answer to this post, I take some exception. As a volunteer/member who has been involved with the elections for the last 3 years, I can tell you that I personally counted the ballots (the number of them) and compared the number to the number of members signed in on the sign in sheet. They matched. As far as getting the elections corrected, the membership as a body voted for the board to make a plan by July of this year for election reform. Hopefully the membership will take to task a board that does not act on the requests of the membership,and elect people who will run real stepchild business, and leave the station WAIF to the appropriate staff members, volunteers.I can also say with pretty much certainty that there have been something funny at past elections, but the board corrected them when brought to light. The counting is done out in the open, and triple checked for accuracy, as not to have any one person push a presonal agenda. The board has voted to close memberships by August 1st this year I believe to make sure that everyone has their papers in order. A far as correcting the entire process, no, that has not happened, but then, the first step in a long journey is the first one.

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