Friday, May 19, 2006
New Letters in CityBeat
The latest issue of CityBeat has two lengthy letters in response to the "Naughty Stepchild" cover story from a few weeks back. We wanted to take this opportunity to hightlight some noteworthy excerpts...

Several effects result from these authoritarian assaults. Over the years, countless talented and able volunteers have been drummed out or simply throw up their arms in frustration and walk away from the whole mess. Many, many others witness the potential for pain associated with board dealings and choose to hunker down and shut up and hope the whole thing blows over. Potential volunteers who might otherwise opt to put their shoulders to the wheel get wind of the tactics they might run afoul of and prudently decide to take their efforts elsewhere. Kindred organizations steer clear of the egoistic firestorms as well.

Meanwhile, morale at the station steadily plummets. And since imagination and creativity as well as energy are linked to morale, it might well be argued that the quality of programming suffers as well.

But the point is that belligerence and bullying steadily shrink the volunteer pool, and the spirit of what remains is effectively crippled. A kind of depression sets in, the station begins to neglect to brush its teeth and comb its hair and the thrill is gone.

As the article points out, responsibility for the work that needs to be done rests with the board. But they can't possibly do it all alone and yet, completely contrary to the very concept of community radio, they drive off potential workmates. It's almost a pathology.

Many volunteers, programmers and concerned citizens now agree that it can't go on this way any longer.

-- Bill Polak, Cincinnati

In another letter, Randall Reese asks why CityBeat would criticize WAIF when there are bigger media fish to fry. Not a bad point, but the fact that there is corporate corruption does not mean we should accept it at the community level. It is precisely at this grassroots level of community access that we should expect liberation from such corruption.
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