Monday, May 15, 2006
Establish Committee for Technology & Digital Improvement
The current WAIF board still brags about the "new facilities" at WAIF. believes the station can always work to improve the facilities, and that doing so improves community radio for Cincinnati. These simple objectives should be met.


*To develop a plan to upgrade and improve station technology. This shall include research on the most cost effective and efficient means to fully equip the station with 21st Century technology.

*To explore the best options for WAIF to abide with the Federal Communications new HD Radio standards which force radio broadcasters to transmit their broadcasts in digital form.

*To combine and assess all technology and equipment already in station and make recommendations to improve, upgrade, or retire.

*To make recommendations as to the direction the board should take in order to upgrade the stations equipment and technology.

*To recommend a detailed budget for needed technology upgrade, improvements and or retirement.

*To set goals and objectives for a technology campaign and fundraiser.
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